About Us

Mummy, wifey, graphic designer by trade and now business owner of One Two Nine. 

One Two Nine specialises in homeware for little humans including quilts, cushions and wraps with designs that appeal to parents and little ones alike.

One Two Nine came about when I was pregnant with Nuri (now toddler) as I was having trouble finding children bedding and home furnishings that appealed to me. So I started making my own. Friends and family noticed so I made more as gifts, along with bits and pieces for them. This evolved into One Two Nine. I picked the name One Two Nine as that is how Nuri used to count.

One Two Nine is a long-time dream come true. Based in Canberra, Australia. All products are all handmade by myself  with limited quantities.

All orders are custom made so please allow 2-4 weeks for your order to be made plus shipping time.